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Founded by Lester Clark in 2017, Underdogs is a network of experienced independent creatives that brings together people whose professional ability, and talent, Lester has admired for many years. It includes branding and social media experts, web and graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and editors.

All self-employed designers, they operate separate professional lives; as Underdogs, they work together on larger projects that require a range of creative skills.

Lester is well-versed in managing creative teams, having worked as Head of Graphics at PRP, a leading UK architectural practice, for 13 years before establishing Underdogs. Specialising in logos and branding, Lester has designed corporate identities for nearly 80 companies around the world, from a boutique hotel in Khao Lak, Thailand to a Michelin-star restaurant in East London.

Why Underdogs? —


Underdogs are not afraid of challenges, even when the odds seem stacked against them. They have a fighting spirit and a self-confidence borne of hard work, commitment and a steadfast belief in their ability. They are thinkers, problems solvers, creators and givers with a gritty, work hard ethic.

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For new business opportunities please contact:

Lester Clark —
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